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Top Integrative Healers from Around the World

Mira & Jayson Calton

The 28-DAY PLAN to Lose Weight

In 2005, the Caltons were married and set sail on an unconventional honeymoon, a 100-country, 7-continent, 6-year global expedition they called “The Calton Project.” Their goal was to observe people from vastly different regions in remote, semi-remote, and urban settings, to discover how specific dietary patterns and lifestyle choices effected the development of modern disease. Bestselling authors Jason Calton, PhD and Mira Calton, CN went on camel treks thru the Sahara to visit troglodyte dwellings in Tunisia to five-hour canoe rides deep into the Amazon jungle to study the remote tribes surviving there, the Caltons have ventured farther and longer than they could have ever imagined. The result is a unique global perspective on nutrition, a new understanding about diet as a whole, which has brought them to where they are today.



  Room A
Erika Jurasits, DO

THE ORIGINS OF AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE: Taking the time to Diagnose and Correct the Underlying Problem

The immune system is able to identify foreign invaders such as viruses, bacteria, and heavy metals, and disable them, allowing the body to live and function optimally. The trouble comes in when the immune system becomes overloaded and begins to attack its own tissue resulting in inflammation causing symptoms of Joint pain, headaches, rashes, fatigue and weight loss resistance. Unless this problem is addressed at the root, no amount of intervention will ameliorate our angry defenders. Join Erika Jurasits, DO the founder of Integrative Healing Wellness in Port Jefferson who is board certified in Family Medicine as she shares her nutrition and supplement-based healing approach to reverse Auto-Immunity at the root.



  Room B
Sergey Kalitenko, MD

Thwarting Common Catastrophic Health Events with Cutting Edge Testing

Approximately, 200,000 people in the U.S. are diagnosed with Abdominal Aorta Aneurysms (AAA) of which 2/3 have no prior symptoms. The aorta is the largest artery in the body. It delivers oxygenated blood from the heart to the rest of the body. When an aneurysm balloons or expands greater than 50 percent of the artery’s normal diameter, it is at risk of rupturing. Seventy-five to ninety percent of individuals with ruptured AAAs do not survive. Join Sergey Kalitenko, MD, a well-known practitioner of holistic, functional and anti-aging medicine, as he explains modern, non-invasive technology that can help identify four of the most common life-threatening conditions.



  Room A
Sylvie Beljanski

The Truth About Cancer, It’s Causes, Cures and Prevention

This lecture will explore a book written by Dr. Morton Walker about the life and discoveries of Mirko Beljanski, the world’s first Green Molecular Biologist, shining some light on an approach that can protect and restore your health. Join Sylvie Beljanski, the daughter of the world renowned scientist, with John Hall, PhD, lead researcher for Natural Source International, as they bring to life the compelling tale by L. Stephen Coles, M.D., Ph.D. of a courageous and brilliant researcher who brought great enlightenment and hope with his discovery of how specific, natural plant molecules can restore and protect cellular health. Mirko Beljanski’s discovery of destabilized DNA and the specific plant molecules that can help restore DNA to a healthy state and stop pathological cells from replicating have led to many miraculous cures and prolonged survival for thousands of cancer patients



  Room A
Jane G. Goldberg, PhD

Why You Need Stress in Your Life

Although we have become accustomed to thinking of stress as being bad (or toxic) for us, a more accurate understanding is that stress can be quite beneficial. For many systems of the mind/body complex,  on both physical and psychological levels, stress—manifested as something as minor as an irritating moment, or as serious as the contraction of a life-threatening disease—can be life-saving and growth-producing. Jane G. Goldberg, PhD, one of the nation’s leading authorities in the fields of psychoanalysis,  psychological oncology and mind/body health, as well as the owner of La Casa Day Spa in Manhattan, will talk about the crucially important concept of hormesis, the stress that’s good for you, and how to apply hormetic principles to your everyday life.



  Room A
Dr. Howard Robins

Finally, the Answer to Lyme Disease and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Life can change in an instant. Those things we took for granted yesterday become an insurmountable challenge today. And when looking for answers in all of the accepted channels proves futile, it only makes a bad situation even worse. As a super antioxidant, ozone destroys all toxins, viruses, bacteria, fungi and yeast in our bodies and has been the answer to many difficult health challenges. Join Dr. Howard Robins, who is considered the foremost clinical expert in North America on Bio-Oxidative Therapies, as he explains how ozone is able to help sufferers of Lyme disease and chronic fatigue regain their health and resume their life.



  Room D
Dr. Alex Shvartsman

A Holistic Approach to Keeping Your Teeth for a Lifetime

Health-conscious people will be living longer, healthier lives. Keeping your teeth for that lengthily life can be a challenge. More than that, however, exposure to decades of mercury fillings, toxic root-canals, chronic gum disease, and whittling our teeth down to nubs for old fashioned crowns, can begin to challenge our physical wellbeing. Join Dr. Alex Shvartsman, an integrative dentist and naturopathic doctor, as he helps connect the dots between the mouth, chronic disease and overall health. Dr. Shvartsman is a graduate of the Alleman-Deliperi Center for Biomimetic Dentistry and author of Your Path to Healthier Dentistry.  His natural artistic talents and passions for dentistry allow him to excel as a dentist and provide the latest technology and modalities to his patients.



  Room A
Jesse Stoff, MD

Evoking the Body’s Most Powerful Defense against Cancer

All human beings carry some cancer cells in their body; it is the immune system that keeps them in check and inhibits a small cluster from becoming a full-scale disease. Treating the body solely from the outside leaves out one of the most powerful healing vehicles— the body itself. Join Jesse Stoff, MD, MDH, FAAFP, FAPWCA as he explains how to keep cancer in remission using immune support. Dr. Stoff is an internationally renowned physician with extensive credentials in immunology, naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, and holistic medicine. He is a licensed Medical Doctor, a Certified Naturopathic Physician, a Certified Acupuncturist, and a licensed Homeopathic Physician. He has authored/co-authored dozens of articles and eight books, including the bestsellers Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: the Hidden Epidemic, and The Prostate Miracle.



  Room A
Dr. Garry D'Brant

Learn the Keys to Overcoming Weight-Loss Resistance

Have you ever considered that your body may actually be resisting your efforts to lose weight? Food allergies, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, toxic chemicals, heavy metals and infection are some underlying causes of weight-loss resistance. When the fastest growing contingent of obese people are 6- month-old babies, one has to wonder if diet and exercise are enough. Dr. Garry D'Brant chiropractor, nutritionist, certified traditional naturopath and psychotherapist, will discuss how you can address these hidden factors and begin to overcome weight loss resistance.



  Room A
Alexis Hugelmeyer, DO

Looking at the System of Digestion for the Cause to Modern Health Problems

To think that the intestines have anything to do with skin blemishes, defies logic. But that is exactly where most of the immune system is located—in that complex system of piping, bacteria, acid and villi, extending from the mouth to the anus. Its proper function is paramount to optimal health and, when stressed or inflamed, it becomes the place where much of disease is born. Join Alexis Hugelmeyer, DO as she explains how your digestive system works and the miraculous transformation available when it’s fine-tuned to optimal function. Dr. Hugelmeyer is the medical director and founder of the Suah Center for Natural Health in Riverhead NY; she is Board-Certified in Family Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulation with a focus on prevention and wellness through life-style modification.



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